BT - Time Management System

BT-TIME MANAGEMENT SYSTEM provides you with a quick overview of the amount of time spent in on-going projects. If you are a Manager you can also view what the users have been doing and when. The information can be used to generate tenders, invoices and invoice details.

BT-TIME MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is a working time and reporting system anybody can use with the help of a web browser. In no more than five minutes the user will learn how to register time spent and materials purchased.

Using BT-TIME MANAGEMENT SYSTEM the recording of hours worked becomes a routine that everybody is able to appreciate and learn very quickly. In BT-TIME MANAGEMENT SYSTEM you could also study how your working time is distributed over a specific period of time, what projects you have been involved in, the time used for each project per day etc.

The system is designed for all those who charge for their time and want to keep tabs on how the time is used.

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