BT Mobile POS System

Mobile POS & Inventory Management System

We have developed Mobile Point of Sales System specially for distribution industry (cigarette industry).

The system consist of two main modules. The Front-end module run by means of Handheld Palmtop and a portable mini printer. The Back-end module has ORACLE database. The Sales & Stock information in the Palm will be instantly synchronise into Back-end Server at the end of the day. These data would be integrated into the accounting system for the purpose of generating Accounts Receivable and other Financial Reports.

The functions of Front-end are facilitating Van Salesman:

  • To record Sales Transaction
  • To Print Sales invoice on the spot for customers.
  • To Check Stock balance.
  • To Print Day end collection (Cash, cheque and credit terms)
  • To Print Day end Sales report.

Features of Back end system

  • Stock Replenishment & Stock files generation
  • Customer Replenishment & Customer files generation
  • Cheque Management
  • Collection from Credit Term customers
  • Inventory Management
  • Sales Analysis
  • Configuration Management
  • Contingency Management

1.Stock Replenishment
This module includes:
Replenishment of stock for each salesperson.
Generating of daily stock files form main stock for each salesperson.

2.Customer Replenishment
This module includes:
Replenishment of customers (Rearrangement).
Generating of customer files for each salesperson.

3.Cheque Collection
This module includes:
Cheque Returned - if a cheque will have to be returned it must have one reason.
-a cheque can be known as a returned cheque before or after bank-in.
Bank In - Produce a cheque list slip for banking purpose.
Replace - Replace a specified cheque by cash and/or another cheque.

4.Collection from Credit Term Customers
It includes:
Generating Invoices - generating invoices for credit term customers.
Collection - collect cash of cheque from the target customer.

5.Inventory Management System
It includes:
Inventory Management Procedure

6.Sales Analysis System
The purpose of this module is to produce sales analysis reports. (daily/monthly/yearly) It also includes the generating of customer sales history files for the front end, handheld devices.

7.Configuration Management (Data Entry Modules)
It consists of the data updating modules for all configuration data files. e.g (Customer, Customer Type, Payment, Pricing Type, Price List, and etc)

8.Contingency Management
It consists of some contingency plans for device failure. i.e if palm 01 for salesman 01 is spoiled, then the system can generate the required files for that salesman fitting with another extra palm for both upload & download purposes. bookbook casinocasino.

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