BT - Point of Sales System

BT - POINT OF SALE SYSTEM is point of sale solution for your franchise.For the first time ever you will enjoy easy access to all information from your islandwide outlets at the touch of a button. It is designed specifically for Fast Food Chains and Franchise. It uses bar code Scanner to facilitate ease of sale entries and minimize human input errors compared to conventional key-pad based POS.With BT - POINT OF SALE SYSTEM and BACK-OFFICE Module, the time it takes to analyze your daily sale can be shorten significantly. It enables you to timely and accurately calculate your daily sales by products, locations as well as by the hour of operation. You will be able to understand your customers' needs with speed and accuracy, allowing you to make better decisions. You can receive all the information from any of your outlets from your head office. It is also easy to use all you need is a PC, modem, BT - POINT OF SALE SYSTEM software, barcode scanner and cash box. When your cashier scans in the product's barcode, it goes into our system and is processed straight to your head office. Included in the POS terminal program is a facility for your employees to record daily attendance. This is integrated with BT PAYROLL programs. If your are in the distribution business where you have mobile sales, you may view BT Mobile POS System

Features of POS

  • Easy to use ICON based interface
  • Automated Loading
  • On-line real time sales balance enquires
  • accessible by password
  • Driven entirely by BAR-CODE with minimal key-pad input
  • Network Ready
  • Interface with NETs CASH CARD
  • Fully integrated with BEST TEAM - Accounting module or any third party Accounting System

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