BT Online POS System

BT - Online POINT OF SALE SYSTEM is point of sale solution for your franchise. For the first time ever you will enjoy easy access to all information from your outlets/mobile sales over the internet.

Online POS is based on Secured Internet, so you can view online Sales progress/reporting of every branch, even if you are on Holidays.

The system consist of two main modules. The Front-end module run by means of Handheld Pocket PC and a portable mini printer OR any internet connected PC/device.
The Back-end module has Inventory management system using MS SQL Server database. These data would be integrated into the accounting system for the purpose of generating Accounts Receivable and other Financial Reports.

Take a look at demo screen shots. Feel free to contact us for more info at

Demo Screen shots

  • User can login with authorised login & password in Online POS System.
Log In
  • User will see all available links according to its admin level.
  • To enter 'New Sales', user will enter stock number, if device is enable to connect to barcode scanner, it can be done with scanner & barcode also.
New Sales
  • user can enter multiple items in sales & then proceeds to make payment.
Multiple Items
  • vuser can choose payment mode & then enter amount received.
Payment Mode
  • In case, if payment is made by two different modes for the same sales. Payment can be split into different modes.
Diff Modes
  • In case, if customer want to pay later, system can hold the sales transaction for the customer.
Pay Later
  • User can search held transactions with customer name or transaction number. And can add items or make payments any point of time.

Search Trans

Search Trans 2
  • Online POS System has dynamic structure of Price list even for different days, system can handle different prices.

Price List 1

Price List 2

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