BT - Order Entry System

BT Order Entry is developed for the use of Food Manufacturers and Wholesalers. BT Barcode Order Processing Module is user-friendly and ease of use order entry mode. Automated standing orders and customers' prices for different days to combat orders received at the eleventh hour and to minimize human input to prevent errors. Customize and comprehensive reports to reduce the shortage of human resources to process orders.


  • Order Processing - Internet ready to help maximize the short time gap for taking orders and processing customers' orders.
  • Daily Production Orders by Products and By Customers in order to better manage orders. Sales by Drivers and Commission Payable by Drivers facilitates the computation of commission.
  • Network ready
  • Uses Perasive. SQL database engine or Microsoft SQL.
  • Bilingual - Works with any third party Chinese Programs (eg RichWin, Twin Bridge etc.)
  • Can be integrated to standard accounting software.

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