Professional Concept & Design Approach

When thinking about your Web Presence, remember, potential customers from all over the world can learn about your company. Make your site, "Business Site". Of course your site's design is a contributing factor. Millions of sites are competing for recognition out on the Web, but BT Solutions will make sure that your site cuts through the clutter with state of the art graphics and technologies. But there's more to your site than just the way your Web Site looks.

Just as important is the way that it functions BT Solutions can put you on the leading edge of functionality. To have a "Business Site", Database driven web sites are essential. Database Driven : BT Solutions is a pioneer in web database design. A database web site separates the content of the site from the presentation. By doing this, whenever the presentation needs to be freshened up, a developer can concentrate simply on getting the presentation perfect, without having to worry about dragging around and reorganizing content. What's more, because of this cutting edge design, our staff can develop a site that is easily maintained by your staff. The database can be updated through your Web Site's secured administration section.

Just for your reference, have a look at the following Database driven E-commerce sites: Happyfeet Order

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