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SCALA is a registered ERP Software of SCALA Business Solutions NV

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BT Solutions is Implementer, Distributor & Consultant for SCALA ERP System. BT Solutions also provides services for Customisation of SCALA and integration with Add-on Modules. We have successfully develop & implement Hire Purchase Module for SCALA System, for our clients Lux Singapore & Lux Thailand. For more info on this module,please view Lux hire purchase info site

iSCALA Overview
iScala is the first commercially-available version of Scala's next-generation software. It is the only purpose-built packaged ERP system on the market that enables genuine collaboration between a company's subsidiaries and divisions, wherever they are located, or with a company's customers, partners, and suppliers.

The platform is designed specifically for online collaboration, enabling companies to automate and manage business processes between sites. It provides a complete e-business foundation, as well as additional security, scalability, and flexibility to handle change, whatever it may be.

iScala is more than a product, it's a new way of working. It is the platform for a collaborative future, where businesses can connect processes at any point in a seamless matrix.

The Benefits of iScala
Scala Business Solutions already has customers using its software in over 140 countries. Its worldwide presence ensures it has knowledge of local needs, but this comes with the additional benefit of a global support infrastructure for cross-border deployment. Overall costs are reduced when purchasing business software from one vendor and general system management becomes much easier.

Scala's software exists to support standard collaborative ERP processes. This ensures simplicity of installation, process management, and system management, and brings about standardization of business processes for coherent reporting company wide.

Scala has designed a product for genuine collaboration. It will see the complete automation of everyday processes that soak up so much manual time within the supply chain, speeding up lead times and production cycles, and freeing up staff for more meaningful tasks, such as improving customer care.

iScala will not only help a company work better, but can also help groups of companies inside and outside an enterprise work together in a value chain.

The top 20 benefits to global companies in using iScala 2.1 are these

The functions of Front-end are facilitating Van Salesman:

  • New pre-packaged platform
  • Fully-integrated connectivity solutions
  • Enables genuine collaborative working
  • Compatibility with previous Scala software versions
  • Manage business processes (enterprise resource planning)
  • Multi-language support
  • Multi-currency support (including Euro)
  • Supports multiple accounting standards simultaneously
  • Global product, use in over 140 countries
  • Support for Windows drag and drop
  • Third-party-created add-on functionality
  • Drop shipment capability
  • Support for XML messaging
  • Easy to customize with additional functionality
  • Creates simple private exchanges
  • Fully-integrated task management
  • Enhanced security and usability features
  • Remote administration tools to manage distributed or local installations
  • Support for user groups
  • "Web services ready

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